You can do it!

Week 3

Today is day 23 – I ended week 3 with surprising weight loss of 21 pounds. This last week was a bit trying but I made it through. I need to tell you this program will most definitely test ones will power. When I started this program I knew it was not going to effect the way my friends and family would eat in front of me, but I was not prepared to watch my family eat cake, ice cream and many other tempting treats in front of me. I am happy to report that I stayed strong! Lol

I owe my strength to the Facebook support page because I post my results daily. I surely do not want to post bad results or that I fell off the wagon. I owe the group a great deal of gratitude for keeping me on track. The group is awesome to have and the group members are super supportive of each other. It makes me happy to read the posts of support and gratitude. There have been several recipes shared as well which makes switching up what we eat much easier.

I have learned that we can extend the 30 days to 40 if we are close to our goal for weight loss. I am strongly considering this because I have done so well so far. This program has been really easy to follow and everything you need to know is in the really well written book.

It is the best feeling when you can fit back into your “smaller” clothes and not feel like a busted can of biscuits spilling out everywhere. I am feeling a lot better both physically and mentally. I am not hungry and am getting a lot more sleep. Friends, family and co-workers have noticed the weight loss and have pointed out how great I look and how my attitude has changed. Losing weight has helped change me for the better in so many ways.

Well I am off to prep my foods and make my menu for this next week. Have a great week everyone 🙂


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