Week 5

Okie dokie I have made it through week 5. I am on day 39 of the 74 day program and have to say I am extremely proud of myself for sticking with it! I have lost a total of 27.4 pounds and feel like I have learned a great deal about myself and my eating habits. I now have a better understanding of portion size and controlling my snacking. It is hardest at night while watching TV not to have snacks. But I am focusing a lot on control and practicing self discipline.

I know I have talked about the support with every blog but I can’t thank the members in the group enough for supporting me on this journey. They are all really nice people and have helped me tremendously over the past few weeks. On days when I was struggling they were there. Reading others posts about their frustrations, successes and even recipes has made me aware that I am not alone on this journey. And I believe we all need to feel supported in order to see great results.

Another thing I have come to realize while on program is how important a positive attitude is. On days I had little to no loss I would get mad at myself and think I was doing something wrong and that would surely reflect on the scale. While I know it is sometimes hard to be happy and positive all the time it is one of the keys for success. You will learn how to stay positive and keep the pounds melting off.

Now that I have hit the maintenance phase I have added in vitamins, minerals and supplements. I have learned that it is important to fortify my cells, tissue and vital organs and to keep my overall health on track. I have to say  now that my body has detoxed from the caffeine, sugar, gluten, and all other man made chemicals I feel great and really want to keep it that way.

So the plan now is to stay within 2 pounds up or down of my weight on the scale tomorrow morning. I know I have been set up for success and I will absolutely keep the weight off. I will talk to y’all next week 🙂


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