Week 4

Whoo-hoo I have made it through week 4. I am happy to report that I have lost 27.4 pounds this round. I am extending to the full 40 days. That’s right I have 12 more days before I can start the maintenance phase. I am feeling good about that decision. I am feeling great and the cravings have stopped.

I no longer want to hurt the people around me while they eat the foods I can’t have. LOL I know who would have thought I would get past that.

I have to say I am still loving the support group and the daily emails. It is so helpful knowing there are people feeling the same way I feel and going through the same thing I am at the same time. Everyone has been super nice and very supportive.

I am definitely looking forward to adding in some new foods in maintenance and getting nervous  about keeping it off. That being said I know I will have all the support I need to succeed. I am continuing to journal on a daily basis so I can always refer back to my journal if I have questions or concerns.

Ok friends the finish line is in sight and I am excited to get there. I have to say the last 28 days have gone by rather quickly. Have a great weekend and I will check in 1 week from today to let you know my final weight loss number. Wish me luck, nah you don’t have to because with this program I don’t think anyone can fail.


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