Post Holiday Weight Loss

Now that we have all made it through the Holidays how much weight did you gain? For me it was an excessive amount that I don’t care to put out here in the universe. Ugh

How do you get back on track and lose the dreaded added weight? Well for me it was to start a round of YP10. I really am very thankful for this program. It is an easy plan to follow to reset your metabolism and help get you back in the swing of eating healthy.

It also helps me get back to understanding what a real serving really is. Unfortunately this is another bad habit of mine during the holidays, losing sight of what a serving actually is.

I am happy to report that at the end of week one of the program I am down 9.3 pounds. I have survived the detox process and am feeling great! I am so happy that I have invested in myself and my health to take this BIG step in the right direction. I mean they do say we get our summer bodies in the winter so why not.

I have connected with several people on the SlimMe1 Facebook Support page that started the program at or around the same time as me. It makes it so much easier knowing I am not alone on this journey. We post questions and answers to help each other. I feel like this is a community where we are all in the same boat so to say. We have each others backs and support one another.  I really enjoy sharing my daily weight loss with all of them and seeing how well they are all doing.

I encourage anyone that wants to lose weight to give this program a try. If you follow the book and use the great support systems in place you really can’t go wrong.


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