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9 Tips to manage cravings

bread-1053591_1280  Food cravings can be our worst enemies especially when we are trying to lose weight. They can strike fast and hard. But, don’t be discourage when they do happen. Contrary to popular belief, you can control food cravings. Try the following tips to better manage your food cravings:

  • Evaluate your emotional state:

When a craving kick in, ask yourself “Why do I want this?” and “How do I feel right now?” We tend to relate foods with our emotions. Some people would eat chocolate when they feel lonely or sad. Determine you emotional state and define if you are truly hungry.

  • Get enough sleep:

When you deprave your body from a good night sleep, your body tends to want to eat more. Make sure you sleep at least seven to nine hours every night. You will feel more energetic and less food cravin

  • Schedule your meal times:

When you determine specific times to eat your foods every day, your brain understands you will not eat until your schedule time.

  • Make food that you crave difficult to get to:

If you know there is certain types of food you always crave don’t keep them around your house or your workplace. Knowing that you have to get into your car and buy your food, will give you time to determine if it is truly worth it to eat it.

  • Find a distraction:

Cravings sometimes are not about hunger. Cravings can be relates to anxiety, boredom or other emotions. When you feel that you are craving something you shouldn’t be eating look for a physical activity that will require an effort. Your mind will concentrate the task in front and will forget about the food.

  • Identify craving triggers by journaling:

Every time you have a craving, get your journal and write down your emotional state and what is happening around you. Understanding your surroundings will help you know what triggers your cravings.

  • Chew gum:

The action of chewing can make the brain believe that you are eating. If you are having craving during the YP10 Weight Loss System grab a piece a gum and chew on. The only condition is that gum has to be sweetened with Stevia,Truvia, or Xylitol.

  • Drink water:

Dehydration can cause food cravings. Make sure you are drinking your gallon of water per day to control your cravings and hunger. Sometimes people can’t tell if they are hungry or thirsty.

  • Brush your teeth:

Brushing your teeth creates a state of mind where the brain tries to keep the mouth clean as long as possible. If you feel your mouth minty fresh, you will not want to spoil it by eating.


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