Week 2

Today is day 14 for me thus ending week 2 of this round of YP10.  I have lost 19.6 pounds. Now for those of you who aren’t familiar w/ the program I did in fact have to gain 5 pounds on days 1 and 2. That being said even if you minus out the 5 pounds I gained I am still down 14.6 pounds in 14 days. Not too bad if I do say so myself. Sounds amazing right? Yeah well it is pretty nice to be fitting in my clothes better and feeling 100 times better than I did 2 weeks ago. My body has detoxed from the sugary Holiday treats and all of the shared family dishes.

My family has adjusted to me being on the program as well. I do eat differently then them but we still all eat dinner together. The first week was kind of hard for me to sit with them and watch them eat foods that I can’t have right now. But watching the scale go down and telling myself its just 30 days has gotten me over the hump. I have read the book and re-read the book several times and know that I will add the foods back in over the 6 weeks of maintenance. I am looking forward to reintroducing foods back in but do not intend on going back to gluten, sugar or dairy the way I did in the past. I want to keep this weight off and stay healthy. I don’t want to have to go back on the blood pressure medicines again.

I have no complaints about this program. The food list is sufficient for me to change up my meals and snacks. The water intake has gotten easier, I am feeling clarity in mind and body and I am sleeping a lot better.

SlimMe1 sends me regular emails with helpful tips and checks up on my weight loss. They also have a couple of Facebook pages and the support from other members is amazing! I can’t say enough good about this program or the support I have received.

I would recommend YP10 to anyone and have.


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