Lets talk about Emotional Eating


Doughnut in Danger

Today I want to talk about emotional eating. I know I am guilty of doing this. I remember doing this as far back as elementary school. Whenever I am sad, mad, and yes even happy I feed my emotions, this is something I am working hard to control.

I have started seeing a therapist to help me get a grip on this problem. She has helped me to better understand food can be an addiction just like alcohol or drugs and no one should feel guilty about seeking help.

Over the last couple of weeks I feel like I am finally making progress towards my goal of not needing food to comfort me. I have never had a good relationship with food so I either gorge myself or starve myself. There has never been a happy medium for me. I am working hard on getting there. I am learning the importance of food for my body and metabolism.

I have also met with a nutritionist who has encouraged me to journal and track what I eat/drink. I downloaded one of those apps on my phone and now track EVERYTHING that I put in my mouth. If I can’t track it I don’t eat it. It makes it easier for me to make sure I am taking in enough calories or not taking in too many. The best part is the app also tracks my calories burned!

I am also journaling my feelings/emotions. I have come to realize if I just take some time I can make the urge to eat go away. So instead of grabbing that donut or eating that bowl of ice cream I pull out my journal and start writing why I don’t need those things. Or I get off my butt and go for a walk. Sometimes I just need to get away from the problem and take my mind off the situation at hand thus taking my mind off the food. Do I have weak times? Oh heck yeah I do! I’m not perfect by any means but I make sure I am mindful of what I have done and journal how I could have done it differently. I hold myself accountable for my actions.

I think unfortunately in this day and age everyone is so busy and being pulled in so many different directions that no one feels they have time to stop and think about the “small” things, such as what they are eating or drinking. Eating has become a mindless action that we all do.


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