Staying on track while on vacation


I recently went on a mini vacation with my family to Hershey PA. While early in the maintenance phase so you can probably imagine I was worried and panicked days before leaving. We took our bathroom scales with us so I could continue to weigh myself daily to ensure I stayed on track.

We packed apples, fresh strawberries, nuts and plenty of water for the long car ride. We made sure we stayed in a hotel that was rated on most importantly a great breakfast. They served eggs, turkey bacon and fresh fruit as well as whole grain cereals. Lunch and dinners were a little tougher but again we chose restaurants that had salad bars or we hit the local grocery store knowing it had a self serve salad bar. We hit the grocery salad bar while we travel because they have quite a selection of fruits and veggies.

Our daily outings were based on all of us moving. We chose aquariums, amusement parks, malls and even a zoo. Every member of my family has some kind of a pedometer so we made it a little competition daily to see who could get the most steps. My youngest daughter walked in place in our room one night just to out step her dad and I. Its the little things like this that make me happy. I feel like we are teaching our girls healthy habits and isn’t that what we as parents should be doing?

Before leaving and getting back in the car for the 7 hour car ride home we decided to hit the local store to stock up on snacks and more water. We have experienced and gotten hooked on the freeze dried fruits (I am a Thrive Life consultant on the side) and came to find Target sells pretty much the same fruits I sell. We picked up some pineapple and strawberries. If you haven’t tried the freeze dried fruits and veggies I highly recommend them because there are no preservatives, additives and they are GMO free. When you look at the ingredients you will see ONE! Pineapple! Apple! Strawberries! Peaches! etc. Make sure they are freeze dried and not dried. Dried fruits have added sugar.

Ok so I know you are probably wondering so how did you do with your weight while on vacation? I am happy to say I stayed within the +-2 pounds we are trained to stay within while on maintenance. Whoot whoot! Yay for me 🙂

What I am saying is don’t stop your life because you don’t want to gain the weight back. I don’t like the word diet – I’m not on a diet – I have made life changes and that means I have to be able to take family vacations, travel, and live happily while keeping the weight off.


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