Keeping the weight off after a weight loss program


Hi y’all its Mindy – I wanted to talk with you about keeping the weight off after you have completed the program.

I have done a few rounds and each round through journaling I find certain foods that my body just doesn’t like. I think journaling is one of the most important parts of this program. Your journal will help you better understand your own body and how what you eat affects you.

My second thought is while in maintenance add foods back in slowly. Such as gluten, dairy, carbs, and most importantly sugar. I have found that my body does not react well when I add gluten and dairy so I try to stay gluten and dairy free by using gluten free products and dairy free products. Sugar should be kept in moderation!

Don’t ever deprive yourself of what you want! EVERYTHING IN MODERATION. If you want something sweet have something sweet just keep it to a serving. Serving sizes do matter. And never ever reward yourself with food. UGH How many times have we done this to ourselves over the years? I used to do it with my kids and I deeply regret that today.

Continue to read labels and know what you are putting in your body. We have all learned that reading labels during the program is important. I cringe when I read labels now because there are so many chemicals and over processed ingredients in our food. I always think that first week of detox was so unpleasant so do I want to put those things back in my body? I try to stay as close to whole natural foods as possible.

This brings me to shopping and cooking – Use your in season produce whenever possible w/ lean proteins. I’m not saying you can’t have a pizza or burger night. What I am saying is don’t do it every night. Don’t be afraid to try new healthier options. There are great seasonal fruits and veggies out there. And hey get out there and go berry picking or apple picking it is all great exercise. Make it a family event so you can get the little ones outside for some fresh air.

Lastly, I think it is important to do something for exercise daily. If you don’t have a pedometer of some kind get one! I am absolutely hooked on my FitBit One and would be lost without it. You can set your own daily goals for steps and use your friends to challenge you to get up and get moving. I work at a desk job so I definitely need this to get me moving through out the day.


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