Amazing YP10 Stories

Meet Renee: One more step to her Perfect 10

20140201_213755  Meet Renee a beautiful and confident woman.  Renee started her YP10 journey in December of 2015.  Renee is a woman that likes thing “overnight and now”.   So, when she started seeing results from the the first week on the YP10 System, she couldn’t be more happy.  She said:

“The YP10 program fulfilled my wildest dreams… the first two weeks alone, I lost 18lbs.. I was running around my bedroom doing jumping Jacks and basically screeching at the top of my lungs..”

As time passed she started noticing not only weight loss, but other amazing results.  She noticed her body getting healthier as it flushed out unwanted toxins.  She also noticed her clothes fitting better and were more flattering.  She had more energy to go and conquer the world.  However these are all physical results, but the most amazing results came from within.  Renee told us:

“I sleep better at night and overall my self-esteem has sky-rocketed”.

As you look at Renee’s Before and After pictures, what most impacts you is not how much weight she lost, but how beautiful and confident she feels!  The love for herself and her body is transmitted in those pictures.  You can tell Renee is a woman that is proud of herself and her accomplishments of changing what she wanted to change.  Every woman has the right to feel just like Renee does:  Beautiful, Sexy, and Comfortable in your own skin!


Renee lost over 31lbs in 30 days!  She has decided to complete one more YP10 System to reach the goal of HER PERFECT 10.  She said:

“I can’t wait for the next round.. Thank you slim me 1! Now I’m going to “slim me 1” more time! 🙂 “

Always remember that when you start our weight loss system,  don’t just focus on the pounds you are shedding, but focus on how the changes that are you are experiencing are making you feel.  Always be proud of yourself and recognize that the one who is making the changes is YOU.   YP10 is just the tool that you are using.

YOU + YP10 System = GREAT TEAM!

If you would like to try the YP10 Weight Loss and Detoxification System please visit us at and use coupon code BLOG10 for 10% discount.






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