heart-care-1040229_1280Many of our new clients share with us how desperate they are to feel healthy and more energetic. One of the main concerns that we hear about are heart issues. They report they have tried to eliminate fat, sodium and even exercise more. However, they still don’t feel like they have the healthy hearts they wish they had.  Most of these clients forget about one main cause of heart disease: SUGAR! Did you know that an average adult ingests between 22 to 32 teaspoons of sugar per day? YES, PER DAY!!!  Sugar has become the new fat. Sugar make us sick, overweight, and drains us of all our energy. However, many believed that substituting sugar with some other “healthy” options is a better way to go.

Here is a list of why NOT to eat these “healthy” sugar substitutes:

  1. “Sugar Free” Products: Sugar free products are made from artificial sweeteners. The good thing about the artificial sweeteners is that they do not have calories. The bad news is that even though they do satisfy your sensory cravings for sweets, your body does not know how to respond. Your body is expecting real sugar and instead gets this artificial sugar. This switch causes the body to increase its appetite. This increase in appetite leads to over indulging and we all know what happens when we over indulge in foods!


  1. Lite products: We all know how delicious high fat foods can be. Fat has a really appetizing taste, so when a food is fat free or lite is unlikely to taste as good as a high fat food. So, how do food companies make lite products taste so good? Well, they saturate them with added sugars.  Added sugars are syrups and/or sugars added to foods when they are prepared. Companies are not obligated to include the added sugar values in their nutritional labels; they are only obligated to include them in the list of ingredients. Most people don’t know that when they are eating fat free foods they are actually eating high sugar foods.


  1. Overindulging in fruits: Many adults try to satisfy their sugar craving by eating fruits. Fruits can be a great source of vitamins, minerals, and fiber. But fruits also contain glucose, fructose and sucrose; All are types of sugars. High levels of sugars lead to obesity and other problems. That is why we only need 2 to 3 pieces of fruit per day so our blood sugar levels stay within a normal range.


If we are not careful sugars can cause many problems in our body, especially to our hearts. We need to learn how and when to eat sugar. As part of the YP10 Weight Loss Program you will detoxify your body from the effects of high levels of sugar. Also, during the maintenance step you will learn how to reintroduce sugar into your meals in a healthy and controlled way.

If you would like to try the YP10 Weight Loss Program please visit us at and use coupon code: BLOG10 for 10% discount.




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