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How to stay on track during your weight loss journey


donut-791837_1280  Starting a weight loss program is never easy.  It requires adjustment and changes to your daily life.  It can be really easy to be tempted to “take a break” from your weight loss journey.  Instead of taking a break, learn how you can keep on track with your goals!

  • Sign up for Support: We have created several tools to help you stay motivated and on track. With our Daily text/email support program you will receive tips and tricks on how to get the best of the YP10 System.  With our delicious recipes you won’t need to stress on what to make and how to make it, just follow us on  We invite you to join our private Facebook group where you will meet and interact with others in various stages of their journey.  You may also call and/or email our support team any time you have a question.
  • Journal, Journal, Journal: Journaling what and when you eat will make you feel accountable to yourself.  You are the one that has the highest expectations for yourself.  You want to be proud of yourself.  If you know that you will have to write down a food that you “cheated” with, this tool will help you stop before cheating.  You will also Empower yourself with a greater strength.
  • Keep your ”WHY” close: The best way to stay motivated is to know WHY you are choosing this journey.  Put an image of your why on your phone screen, fridge, mirrors, and any place where you know there will be temptation. If you keep your why close, you will know it will be worth it.
  • Spoil yourself: Every time that you think “This is too hard” go back to your journal and see how much you have accomplished and go give yourself a nice gift. Go do your nails, buy a new pair of shoes, or go to a fun place. Just enjoy the moment and know you are awesome
  • Stay active: Never, ever, stay put!  Always be doing something.  Take a walk, read a book, call an old friend, play with the dog, etc. An active mind is a mind that sees beyond.


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