Emotional health

Never Underestimate the Power of a Deep Breath!

woman-570883_1280  As you begin to read this article, take in a very deep breath, filling your abdomen, imagining as you continue to inhale that your ribs and area under your collarbones expand as well.  Consider holding your breath for a few seconds before slowly releasing, forcing out as much air as possible as the breath is completing.

You have just created a space for rest, renewal, relaxation, healing, and even calming of the mind!  Oxygen was just brought to the deepest part of your lungs, your abdominal organs were massaged, and a few more deep breaths increases blood flow to your digestive tract and encourages intestinal action.

One translation of breath is the word spirit.  When one stops and consciously takes time to deeply inhale and release, there is a union of your mind, body, and spirit, that takes place and therefore you have given yourself the gift of nourishment on all levels.   When one is stressed and stops to breathe, space is created between the cause and effect of what is being experienced.  It is intervention at its best!

When focus is on allowing the union, an athlete can enhance endurance and strength, a Mother-to-be can bring calmness into labor, and one who panics can reside in peace.

Deep and purposeful breath is practiced on a daily basis in many traditions throughout the world. When we take a deep breath we have the opportunity to slow down.

Nourish our minds and bodies with oxygen and allow our spirit as breath to be the force that allows for a purposeful union and in many cases instantaneous increase of health!

Give yourself a gift now and take in a round of three deep breaths!  Close your eyes… the peace that comes may possibly double!   Enjoy!!!

Julianne Orren LC, cCHT


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