Emotional health

Three Gifts of Self Care We Give Ourselves Each Day


In this fast paced world giving ourselves three gifts of self care each day will increase our satisfaction and ability to stay positive as we move through and accomplish our endeavors and activities:

  • The Gift of a Quiet Start

When we wake each morning take at least ten minutes to observe your thoughts, set up your day in your imagination in a positive way and take some purposeful deep breathes.  Doing this will be the “setting of the stage” so when that first interaction or task is at hand it can be handled calmly and with the intention of greatness!  Stop as often as needed for a deep breath and to reconnect with the stage you preset for your day.

  • The Gift of a Relaxed Meal

Set a table or dine out…whatever will work for you is perfect!  Sit at a table and enjoy each bite…. have a conversation or savor being alone and through this gift keep a positive relationship with food.  Make sure your meal is nourishing and appropriate for you needs and let this relaxed meal be a gift of honor to your body and soul.

  • The Gift of a Peaceful Wind Down

At the end of the day no matter what we have just completed or enjoyed, this is time to reset or what we may consider clearing the stage so that our rest can easily come.  In these minutes enjoy feeling and acknowledging accomplishments, as you may also need to purposefully imagine “taking out the trash “or negativity being” boxed up until another time to be worked with.  Using our imagination in this way will enable the peaceful wind down and a good night’s rest!

These are simple suggestions and if practiced very powerful…what you create and release each day definitely will have a positive impact and expand our satisfaction that comes from purposeful Gifts of Self Care!  YOU ARE WORTH IT!!!
Julianne Orren LC, cCHT


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