Amazing YP10 Stories

Meet Susan: The Grandma that hikes


Susan at age 68 was looking for a way to lose the weight she had gained in the last 4 years. Even though she wanted to look slimmer, her real purpose was to feel healthier and energetic. Then she heard about SlimMe1 and the YP10 Weight Loss System on the radio. She couldn’t believe the amazing results the Dj had. She decided she wanted to try the YP10 System. After 30 days on the program, Susan lost 25 plus pounds. When she began her journey to a healthier life, she set goals and she was determine to complete the system no matter what it took. Weight Loss was definitely a great result; however, the best results of all are the new adventures that Susan is experiencing with her family. This is what she said:

“My family traveled to the Smoky Mountains recently and we took a hike up the mountain. I was so pleased that I could hike all the way with no rest stops and was able to keep up with the group. Not only am I proud of my efforts, but my family is too!”

She also said:

“When I started the YP10 system I knew I would lose weight but I also knew I would begin to feel healthier. I was hoping that my acid reflux and indigestion would not be so uncomfortable and that my energy would increase.  I have no reflux, no indigestion and my energy level has increased quite a bit.

    Knowing that I can keep the weight off and even lose more in the future excites me. Also knowing that I won’t have to shop in the Plus sizes anymore is a great incentive to keeping the weight off and that is exciting.”

Many people believe that once we get to a certain age we have to settle down and stop dreaming of new adventures. Susan refused to believe this and wanted more out of life. She wanted to be able to go to the outdoors and experience nature with her family. Now, she can. She made a decision to expand her possibilities and she made it happen. Weight Loss is all about improving our life experiences, losing pounds is just a side effect!

Before YP10
Before YP10
After YP10
After YP10

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